Monthly Archives: March 2016 Claims to Have Launched the Cheapest Indian Live Chat Services Ever

Posted on by, an Indian cam live chat portal that has garnered high acclaims from all corners of the internet chatting community, recently announced and claimed that their erotic chatting services are the cheapest on the internet as of now, and no other service could beat their price in the past. Though their claim is still unverified, the owners maintained that their Indian live chat services are the cheapest on the internet at this moment.

The owners of also added that their primary objective is to make Indian webcam live chat as much affordable as possible for all and sundry. They said that the number of Indian cam chatting enthusiasts has increased drastically over the years and they are here to cater to a fairly large section of Indian live chat enthusiasts from now on.

“Indian live cam chatting should not be too expensive since the maintenance costs of these portals is not too much. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some chat portals charge their patrons exorbitantly high, which is unjust and unfair in our honest opinion. Our online chat portal is just a small and humble attempt to restore faith in the Indian cam chat enthusiasts who are frustrated with the overcharging of the other sites”, said a web administrator and a top executive of the internet based enterprise.

“Our online chatting services are arguably the cheapest on the internet and we believe no one can beat our price at this moment. At present, we are our biggest competition since the biggest challenge is to maintain the quality standards while allowing the online chat enthusiasts to take part in chatting activities for a small fee”, said the CEO of

The CEO of the Indian cam chat portal also said that they wish to extend the services through fast dating assistance and many other additional services. “We have plans to turn this chatting community into a chatting and dating community but it will take time. First, we need to get the feedbacks from people who would be actually using the site. So far, the user response has been quite impressive”, added the CEO.

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Category: Indian Sex Chat Offers a Sneak Preview of Indian Cam Girls for Its Casual Visitors and Guests

Posted on by, an Indian cam chat portal that has been a personal favourite of many online chatting enthusiasts since its inception, recently announced a host of exciting promotional offers for their guests who just want to check out the website and the Indian cam girls out of curiosity. The owners informed the press that they want to allow the casual visitors or guests to the online chatting portal to get a slice of the chatting fun that the premium members can take part in any time they wish. The owners believe that the new promotional plans would help them in leveraging the portal’s popularity.

“Like all other websites, we also use cookies on our online chatting portal. We noticed that the bounce rate of the chat portal has significantly increased. We analyzed the reasons behind the increasing bounce rate and we found that many casual visitors to the site exit the site too soon as they find nothing for them”, said a web administrator of the Indian cams chatting portal. “So we decided to make the portal more attractive for the casual visitors as well. From now on, they can see the recorded videos and photos of the Indian cam girls who are part of the community”, he added.

However, the owners also maintained that the premium members, or the paid members of the community, will continue to get their fair share of premium membership benefits. They said that their development and recruitment teams are working hard to improve the online Indian live chat services for their premium members while, on the other hand, they have made brought this unique opportunity get a sneak peek of the chat portal for the guests.

“We have different membership areas and guests can only get to see a limited preview of the chatting activities. This is to ensure that the prospective community members get familiar with the community environment. We don’t believe in restricting access. But one has to understand that without subscription money, it’s hard to run so big a chat portal”, said the CEO of

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Category: Indian Sex Chat Launched Indian Cams to Entertain Bollywood Obsessed Web Chat Enthusiasts

Posted on by, an Indian cams chatting portal, recently opened up a unique opportunity for online chat enthusiasts to chat live with Indian hot cam divas. The owners said that the growing obsession among online chat enthusiasts to chat with Indian divas has pushed them to launch their services. They said that their chat portal is directly inspired from Bollywood, India’s largest film industry.

The owners added that people who watch Bollywood movies hardly get the chance to chat directly with Indian cam girls who resemble the Bollywood divas these chat enthusiasts secretively fantasize. Heir chat portal, therefore, would open up the opportunity to chat directly with these divas online.

“When we were setting up this chat portal, all we could imagine about is the secret lust of online chat addicts for chatting with Bollywood divas. Our chat portal rightly serves the purpose of connecting online chat addicts the world over with their probable female chatting partners straight from India. We networked along the length and breadth of the country to recruit some of the best Indian webcam divas for our chat portal. People can now directly visit the chat portal, sign up and start having unlimited fun”, the CEO summarized the objective behind setting up and how to use the portal.

Another senior executive who has been watching closely the web chatting trends all over the world said that Indian cams chatting enthusiasts have significantly increased in numbers over the past few years. He said that their objective is to cater to this section of web chat enthusiasts perfectly. He also added that their online Indian live chat portal is strictly for adults, since they facilitate erotic chat only.

“Since we set up this online chat portal, we have been receiving membership requests from people of nearly all age groups. However, we do not allow minors to take part in the online chatting activities. This is because we want to ensure that all the internet chatting regulations are complied with and we would like to thank our patrons for cooperating with us”, said the executive.

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Category: Indian Sex Chat Took Down All Third Party Advertisements to Facilitate Unrestrained Indian Cams Chatting

Posted on by, a much popular online chatting portal and community, recently adopted a robust user-friendly policy, showing a clear intention to serve their patrons with quality online chatting services. The owners said that they want to make the chatting portal interface as clean as possible so as to facilitate unrestrained erotic chatting with Indian cam divas.

“For many months, we have been receiving emails and phone calls from our dear patrons, many of whom have complained about the annoying third party advertisements on the portal. We decided to put an end to this recently removed all ads from our web chat portal to make sure that our patrons get the best value for their money”, said a web administrator and a pay-per-click expert working with the internet-based enterprise.

“People who become members of the community have the sole interest in taking part in Indian live chat activities and the third-party ads, no matter how contextual their contents are, mean almost nothing to them. Therefore, we decided to get rid of these third-party ads, some of which were pretty annoying for our valued clients.

Revamped now has a cleaner interface than ever before. The owners maintained that the online chatting enthusiasts can now visit the chatting portal and start chatting almost instantly.

“Though removing the third party ads have affected our profit, but we have got overwhelming response from both new and old members of the community, which serves as an inspiration. We believe we can ride on word-of-mouth publicity and the growing popularity of the portal to bring in many more new members to the online Indian live chat portal, which will in turn boost the site’s revenue”, claimed the CEO of He also said that they want to shorten the sign-up process to facilitate easy participation in the community.

“At present, we are just collecting response from our beloved patrons. Their valuable feedbacks help us in a big way in shaping our advertisement policies and other policies. We look forward to making this a more user-friendly online Indian cams chatting community ”, added the CEO.

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